Working with AJ

As an independent consultant with over 22 year of experience in an international corporate environment AJ can step in for a few essential challenges you might face as a B2B company or Professional Services Firm.

He’s an expert in Content Marketing, guiding CMO’s and teams through the challenges of getting started or taking this approach to the next level. He has done this with Law Firms, companies in the Health Industry, Insurance and other industries. This entails setting up the strategy, laying the groundwork and getting things moving! And also, keeping teams moving by coaching them on a weekly or monthly basis.

He is also a highly-acclaimed speaker with a long history of speaking about Content Marketing around the globe. On conferences like Content Marketing World, B2B Marketing Forum and at corporate events, like Reed and Airbus. Presentations include:

  • The Good, the Bad and the Ugly in Content Marketing
  • The Ultimate International B2B Content Marketing Case Study
  • How to Turn Highly Billable Professionals into Extremely Productive Content Marketing Rock Stars that get Bottom-Line Results
  • Content Marketing Fast Forward – a time travel experience
  • 69 Insights from 41 kilos of (Content)Marketing books in 45 minutes

He also runs an event himself with his business partner Bert van Loon: Content Marketing Fast Forward. Over the years many established speakers have taken the stage at CMFF, like Joe Pulizzi, Andrew Davis, Ann Handley and Doug Kessler.

If you need a strategist with a practical outlook, a high-energy speaker or a coach that can guide you and/or your team through the Content Marketing challenges you might face … please reach out!